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  Etechs' Security Response Hig-Tech - Sept.27,2006  

Etechs has introduced a new range of high-tech equipment designed to safeguard its customers from armed attack. Its products are gaining popularity in both public and private sectors across the Arab world and beyond. Active in the engineering and systems integration field, the company was founded in 1985 by professional engineers whose aim was to execute integrated security systems projects by applying the latest engineering techniques and highest international standards, according to Chairman Fahad Al-Ohali. "We are pioneer in the security industry in Saudi Arabia. "he continued. "Our most requested engineered systems are total security management systems, closed circuit televesion (CCTV), access control, perimeter protection, X-ray scanners, intrusion alarms, road blockers, explosive detectors, metal detectors, under-vehicle inspection, gas detection, fire detection, fire fighting, public address, master clock, nurse call and armouring equipment, including armoured vehicles, armoured guard houses, bullet-proof glass, security glass films and military apparel."

Al Ohali says Etechs has more than 250 emplyees who are always available to ensure the best solutions and services.

"Our 55 highly trained engineers are fully capable of providing in-house engineering for total security solutions by integrating the above systems in projects related to government institutions, military bases, airports, industrial sectors, power plants, hospitals, hotels, embassies, banks, high-rise buildings and commercial and residential sectors,"he added. Since security is a critical issue where defects and malfunctioning are not tolerated, Al Ohali says he has invested heavily in his after-sales and maintenance department.

Through the company's four divisions (Security Systems, Fire Systems, Safety Systems and ArmorTec), it has earned an outstanding reputation and has taken the lead in providing excellent high-quality systems.

Etechs' four new-to-market products include:

Anti-Ballistic Guardhouse, for protection against armed attack, the ArmorTec Guardhouse is considered an effetive, economical way to stop bullets and absorbed shrapnels. ArmorTec structures help armed forces, security contractors, law-enforcement agencies and corporations to provide superior protection in high-risk areas, such as military facilities, police stations, security check points, guard houses, cashier booths and equipment shelters.

Al Ohali says ArmorTec protects personnel and assets against a variety of weapons, hand grenades, shrapnel and projectile fragments. Controlled field trials proved that ArmorTec's unique filled- core offers superb penetration resistance and fragment absorption.

"ArmorTec structures are light, inexpensive and easy to transport. They can be transported in fully assembled form,"he continued. "ArmorTec guardhouses can be deployed rapidly to high-risk areas.

Armoured Vehicle, Al Ohali says ArmorTec has developed an economically viable ballistic vehicles security package using the most advantaged materials and methods available.

"ArmorTec's basic principle of manufacturing the finest, most technologically advanced armoured passenger vehicles is able to create armoured passenger vehicles, which are far superior in performance and appearance to the competition," he explained. "ArmorTec prides itself on designing and producing vehicles, which give protection to the perceived threat level, maintain the vehicles' original appearance and perform as a normal passenger vehicle."

Al Ohali says ArmorTec views its product as a service, realising it is a personal experience and of the utmost importance.

"We specialised in manufacturing bullet-resistant passenger vehicles for government officials, heads of state, business executives or any other individual who percieves a threat," he noted. "ArmorTec offer a wide variety of armouring options to fit any need." ArmorTec builds a complete and comprehensive product line of armoured trucks, armoured vans, cash carrying vehicles and speedboats to meet the operational and high security needs to specifrications as per the international standards.

Bullet Resistant Glass System - Al Ohali says there is no such word as "bullet proof" in science. "The criminal will use a heavier, large caliber and faster bullet that will penetrate through the glass designed for a lower threat level," he explained.

ArmorTec specialises in fabricating bullet-resistant glass systems for automobiles and architectural structures. Al Ohali says the company custom builds its bullet-resistant and shatter-resistant glass systems as per customer requierements.

"Our glass systems are designed to be installed either in new or existing structures, for use in security companies, business associations, banks, alarm companies, schools and universities, insurance companies, police agencies and military facilities," he continjued. Due to in-house fabrication, we can normally cut weeks from our competitor's lead-time.

Safety, Security and Solar Films - ArmorTec's high-grade crystal clear polyster window films when applied on glass, can dramatically reduce the effects of an explosion. The polyster-based films have the ability to stretch without tearing and also have the characteristics to absorb a large portion of shock waves.

Al Ohali says the ArmorTec safety and security films is a unique window films, which makes the surroundings safe.

"our specialised adhesives system bonds the glass to create a highly protective membrane capable of protecting different types of impact and disasters," he explained. "Our glass strenghthening acrylic has a high degree of elasticity and energy shock-absorbing capability."

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